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Is it torsion or extension? Here's how to tell....

Torsion Spring

Extension Spring

Torsion springs are above the door with springs that slide onto a bar. Extension springs are located next and parallel to the open door. Precision's fully stocked vehicles carry a complete line of torsion and extension springs.

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Garage Door Spring Repair Industry Best Practices

1. Replace Both Springs

The typical garage door has 2 springs and it's likely that both springs were installed at the same and are the same age. The manufacturing specifications would have been the same for both, so if one breaks, the other is not going to last very much longer.

It is not in your best interest to fix one spring and when the other is going to break again in a couple of weeks or a months..

The one time that this may not be true is if the company before us did not adhere to this best practice and the other spring was recently installed.

2. Use The Correct Spring for Your Door

Garage door springs come in different sizes to account for the different size and weights of garage doors. The heavier the garage door the bigger the spring that is needed to balance the door. However, if a bigger spring is used on a lighter door that creates another problem. The spring used must be made specifically for the weight of the door.

Your Precision technician will always conduct a balance test on your garage door following the installation of new springs, so you will know the right size springs were used.

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Why Precision's Spring Repair Transcends The Competition

In a 72 hour salt spray test performed by a 3rd party, Precision's Upgraded Green Powder Coated Springs proved to be 100% resistant to corrosion.

Corrosion Free Springs

Precision offers a spring that prevents corrosion and friction. The springs we install on your door are made to last. We are proud of the high quality springs we use. So much so, that we put our name on them and back them with a full warranty.

Tell Me More About The Warranty

You can trust Precision. How can you be sure? We stand behind our work. We're proud of the warranties we make available to our customers. We take the time at the completion of every job to explain it and put it in writing. We are able to do this because we use the highest quality parts.

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